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Science Guys Episode-3: Richard P. Feynman

Source: “Physics is like sex; sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it” - Feynman Richard P. Feynman (Richard Phillips Feynman) was one of the revolutionary scientists of the twentieth-century and by far the coolest among his generation of Physicists. Born in New York in 1918, he had Russian and Polish genes which did contribute to his geniuses. He had a nick for Physics since his childhood and pursued this field with such coolness and ambition that he is regarded as one of the best teachers in Physics as well. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965 for his work which tied together with light, radio, electricity, and magnetism. This work revolutionized Quantum Physics and Quantum Electrodynamics and made the study of the interaction of subatomic particles easier. This work was later called “FeynmanDiagrams” . Feynman’s high standing among physicists was not only due to his brilliance in Physics but his bold and colorful personal

Climate Change and Recent Pandemics (Covid-19)

Humans vs Climate Change and Their Consequences: Climate change has been a hot topic for years. However, most of the research conducted is related to the causes and reasons for such a natural phenomenon. Definitions: Currently, the effects of climate change have become a trend in the scientific community which explores the extinction of several living species of animals, birds, marine life, and so on.   Glaciology, a study which involves “Study of ICE” is a recent research field that is similar to carbon dating however it uses ice instead of stones. The benefit is ice specifically “Antarctican ice” is far more ancient than the stones ever studied. The reason why we are discussing ice will be made clear in the upcoming article. let's start with the definition of climate change “Climate change  refers to a significant change in climate due to direct or indirect consequences of actions by the existing living beings of that particular area. ” This article will be discussing how

The Effect of Technology Dependency on current Human civilization

IS TECHNOLOGY MAKING HUMANS WEAK? Technology has grown since the invention of the wheel to now Artificial Intelligence and it is very much possible of the invention of artificial life mimicking humans in the near future. This is scary (in case of Sci-Fi movie reference), this is mind tangling and perhaps for a sane and logical person, a stupid invention as well, but why are humans so interested in copying itself when he is the original one. Right, it seems stupid. However, it does have BENEFITS. Now, BENEFITS include everything a human can do, will be done by these inventions, and by everything means everything even broadening the spectrum of life (Artificial Reproduction) as well. Two things come into our NATURAL brain. Is it necessary to do such inventions when the whole world is deteriorating with Global Warming and Pandemics? Are we becoming weak because of sorting our own problems (created by us)? Well... The first question has been discussed around an infinite number of tim

Science Guys Episode-2: Marie Curie

Marie Curie Gather round eager minds, today we discuss one of the most influential women in modern science, her name inspires confidence in women as she left behind a legacy of scientific truths and empowerment during times when women were barely allowed to participate in science. We are of course talking about Madam Marie Curie . The proud Polish woman immortalized forever in the scientific literature. Born in Warshow on the 7th of November 1867, of the well-known teachers Bronislawa Boguska and Wladyslaw Sklodowska, it is not a secret that her family was knowledgeable one which may be perhaps where her curiosity stemmed from. As her family lost property through Polish national uprisings, condemning her siblings to a rough start on life. As conditions worsened with her father losing his job and her mother passing away, she found herself slipping down the spiral of depression and it did not help that any attempts made by her to get into educational institutions for higher st